project manager-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

project manager-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

  • recruitmenttype:regular employee
  • location:dalian
  • post categories:management
  • department:
  • required degree:
  • major in:

post requirements:

1. junior college degree or above,3~6 years of work experiences in manufacturing industry, familiar with industrial automation equipment;

2.having relatively better communication skills with the customers, having good sense in customer service and having broad thinking;

3. having good team work spirit, strongly aim/result oriented; and enthusiastic working attitude, strongly pressure resisting ability;

5.comfortable with business travels;

6.skillful in using daily office software;

7.skillful english oral/written communication skills are preferred;

8. pmp certificate holder is preferred.

post responsibilities:

1. responsible for organizing project kickoff with various departments involved; define the project charters & implementation guidance strategies;

2. responsible for overall project plan follow-up management before the pre-acceptance of the project;

3. responsible for organizing the project team to identify project-level risks, formulate risk control strategy and supervise on the implementation;

4. responsible for organizing and heading the site team to carry out tasks of delivery after the project is delivered, ensure that the project cost, plan and quality targets are achieved;

5. responsible for formulating the collection strategy of project funds, organize the resources at each level of the company to ensure the project funds are collected on time;

6. responsible for comprehensive information management during the implementation of the project, see that information is smoothly conveyed between parties in and out of the company;

7. responsible for maintaining and developing relations with the customers from both long-term and short-term side of views; give supports for bagging new projects from existing customers.

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