driving layup, seal the win-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

driving layup, seal the win-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

   the 5th haosen basketball association was held successfully and etm won the championship

through thirty-six regular-season matches, playoff matches, and the finals, there were too many wonderful moments and splendid shots made during the six long months of intense competition. the fifth haosen basketball association finally concluded on sep 18th. relying on good partnership, proper strategies and excellent on-the spot performance, the etm team (the team from the mechanical design department ii) secured three wins, and eventually won the championship after defeating the 98k.

the haosen basketball association (hsba) sponsored by haosen basketball association has become the most popular and largest sport event in haosen company because of its wide coverage of all departments of the company, its well-planned competition system and its intensity and excitement. each team has its own tactical style and players; some of them are good at fast breaks by running across the whole arena; some of them knows how to play the match in their own pace; some specialize in the outside attack with three-point shots. these excellent abilities enable each team to get a lot of fans waving flags and cheering them on.


the three matches of the 2019 annual hsba finals were just as intense as before. especially after etm won the second "tianwangshan battle" and got the match point. the third game began and you can sense the 98k’s determination to win. several fast breaks were successful and the interior line played resolutely, so they gained the leading edge in the beginning, but maybe because they were too eager to win, the 98k's physical strength slowly declined during the rest of the game, etm’s star players began to take control back with driving layup and long-range jump shots. they gradually caught up to etm and evened the score. if one team won the third match or the other regained a shot at the championship, the outcome of the game would affect everyone in the stands. eventually, with the referee's final whistle, etm set the score at 44:40 and won the match, and the finals.

after the finals, the haosen basketball association held the "2019 dalian haosen basketball association awards ceremony" on sep 25th, awarding the winning teams and individuals for their excellent performance and spirit of sport on the field.

we look forward to the next haosen basketball association with even more staff participation, and dedicating more exciting games for everyone, motivating people with the spirit of determination and striving for the best on the field, and make haosen's rich cultural life more colorful.


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