the 7th dalian haosen basketball match officially started!-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

the 7th dalian haosen basketball match officially started!-j9游会真人游戏第一品牌

seeing off winter and greeting spring, new sprouts were spotted from poplars and willows. the spring breeze was bidding farewell to the chilly winter while at the same time bringing the warmth of spring; it was also wakening up the living creatures all over the field from the deep dreams. sensing the tender spring and feeling the soft wind, we were welcoming the 2022 dalian haosen basketball match as expected!

at the opening ceremony, the players from 11 teams were all wearing their uniformly customized team uniforms and lined up with their team flags held in hands. mr.zhao, as the chairman of haosen basketball association, gave a speech before the whistle was blown.  he said, “in year 2021, due to the repetitive occurrence of the epidemic situation, a lot of inconvenience was brought to our work and life. while at the same time, the rapid development of the company's business was also bringing much pressure to our lives, both mentally and physically.  therefore, the association did a lot of preparatory work before this season of match started, such as increasing the number of teams, setting up 3-point shot competition that all staff can take part in; we were also introducing a women's referees team and redesigning all of the team uniforms, team emblems, team slogans and even organizing a team that was specially in charge of live broadcasting……  all what we have done is in hope of bringing some fun to the lives of all haosen people. to this end, we are also asking all our athletes, coaches and referees to keep in mind that the purpose of this year's match is not ‘competition first’, nor is it‘friendship first’, but ‘happiness first’ !  it is my wish that all of us will bring about a happy feast with superb playing skills and excellent performance.”

with a forceful upward throw by mr.zhao, the basketball flew high in the air, and the 7th haosen basketball match officially started!

the 2 parties engaged in the 1st match were team c60 from the machining department and team overfly from the electrical & assembly department-iv. the players from both sides had been gathering up all their strengths and waiting for the start moment. in the game they did all they could and gave full play to their teamwork grabbing for the ball, carrying on, shooting at the hoop and so on. the match was in a joyful but tense atmosphere, the audience circling the court was also focusing on the fast-going basketball, sometimes clapping their hands and cheering, sometimes rubbing their hands and sighing, while their heartbeats seemed to be resonant with the flying basketball! in the end, c60 beat overfly by 20 - 11, this was the 1st match they won in this season and 2 points for team c60!

and during the halftime, the set shot at the mid-court was also drawing many people to get involved; people queued up in a long line for participating this match, and finally, 2 contestants goaled with marvelous skills and won cheers and claps from the audience!

basketball is more than a game; it is a sport of surpassing oneself and even a kind of baptism of spirits. it is our wish that everyone can release their enthusiasm in the confrontation, ignite their passion in the running, and elevate their fighting spirit in the court! the haosen basketball match of this year is surely to continuously bringing about excellent performance and you are welcome to come and join us watching the game!


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